Mesquite Christian Home School Association

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Statement of Faith:
Application for Membership: In making application to Mesquite Christian Home School Association (MCHSA) I do hereby state that I agree with the above statement of faith, I am conducting my homeschool in accordance with the Texas Education Code and the Leeper decision, I am teaching with a written curriculum, which includes reading, grammar, spelling, arithmetic, and good citizenship. I further understand to be a member in good standing requires me to take responsibility for the behavior and actions of my family at all sponsored activities. Lastly, I will not hold Mesquite Christian Home School Association, any of it's officers or any of its members liable for any accident, injury, or loss suffered by me or any member of my family or guest on any events, outings, meetings, or other activity engaged in by Mesquite Christian Home School Association.

By checking this box you signify that you agree with the above statement.

You are NOT an official member of MCHSA unitl your payment has been processed.

After submitting this application, send the fee to:
Karen Kaptain
920 Remington Trail
Mesquite, TX. 75181

Questions? Call Karen Kaptain at (972) 222-6020

** Make checks payable to: Karen Kaptain

Please Answer these questions so that we may serve you better.
Our vision is to create a network of families who share their Christian and homeschool experiences together in order to uplift God, support each other, and develop meaningful friendships that will last far longer than the time our children are in school.
This homeschool association exists for you!

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