Mesquite Christian Home School Association

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Dennis and Karen Kaptain

Why home school?

Families decide to home school for many reasons. Most often there are concerns about what children are being taught in public schools. Children are taught that there are no moral absolutes, authority is to be challenged, and there is no God. In addition, public schools are an increasingly more dangerous place to be. There are drugs and guns even in elementary schools. Aside from all the above, homeschooling your children can be the single most rewarding thing you ever do. You will be able to develop a relationship with your children that you never could while sending them off to school somewhere else.

Why not home school?

The reasons I hear most are that the children who are home-schooled will not have any friends since they don't go to school to meet anyone and parents are not qualified to teach their own children. The first objection is a very real danger. If you stay at home all day and have school and your children never get out of the house to play with other children, they will not learn how to properly interact with other children. In addition, a parent intending to homeschool needs to be truly committed to teaching their child. It is challenging at times and requires dedication.

Is this really legal?

Yes. Here is letter from the Texas Education Agency and here is the Texas State Education Code. Pay attention to Sections 25.085 and 25.086 which discuss Compulsory School Attendance Laws.

Why should I join a homeschool group?

Homeschool groups provide a way for you to meet and interact with other families who are sharing the same experiences and problems you are. You can help each other, laugh together, and learn together. Everyone needs friends both you and your children. This is a perfect solution to the problems listed in the above question. Most homeschool groups also offer a wide variety of activities geared for children of different levels as well as family activites such as field trips, etc.

How do I start?

Texas is one of the best states for homeschooling your children. Normally you only need to contact your local School District and tell them that you are putting your child in a private school.

Who teaches my children?

You the parent, teach your children. Homeschool groups, while they are a great resource do not teach classes for your children. They may at times offer a co-op to help out but you alone are responsible for seeing to it that your children get a proper education.

Where do I get books, etc...?

There are many places to find curriculum for teaching children at home. There are many different approaches to homeschooling. We do not support any method over any other. An excellent resource here in Mesquite TX is Mardel's on Galloway Ave just north of US 80.

Are there tests we need to take?

No. Texas has no requirements for periodic testing of homeschooled children. When you decide to re-enroll in public school or attend a college, you will possibly need to take a placement or TASP test.

What if I don't know something?

If you don't know something that you need to teach your child, you need to figure it out. There are numerous resources on the Internet to help and of course you could ask for help from other homeschool parent. No one is good at everything. You should never be ashamed or afraid to ask someone for help.

Why do you have a statement of faith?

Our statement of faith is a big part of who we as a group are. Our faith guides our attitudes and actions in every part of our lives. Our goal is to not only provide assistance with homeschooling but in every aspect of life. We expect our members to live in a manner that glorifies Christ and lifts up each other.

Do I have to agree with your statement of faith?

Yes. We expect you to. See the above question.

What subjects do I need to teach?

Cover the basic subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, math and a course in good citizenship.